IB Admissions

Candidates for admission to BISUL IB Diploma Programme must demonstrate that they are students who embrace and embody the IB Learner Profile. We expect applicants to have inquiring and open minds, to be diligent and reliable, to be good communicators, and to have an openness to learning new things. Good time-management and organizational skills are also indispensable qualities for students to be successful in the IB DP.

1. Academic attainment

Good command of English language at a minimum level of B2.

Candidates coming from the British, Canadian, American or international systems:
A minimum final attainment score of B in all subjects to be studied in the Diploma Programme at the Higher Level and a minimum final attainment score of C in all subjects to be studied in the Diploma Programme at the Standard Level.

Candidates coming from the Polish educational system:
A minimum final attainment score of 4 in all subjects to be studied in the Diploma Programme at the Higher Level and minimum final attainment score of 3 in all subjects to be studied in the Diploma Programme at the Standard Level.

Academic achievements must be confirmed with copies of school transcripts (reports) from the last academic year or certificates.

Transfer students:
Students who transfer from other IB DP schools are welcome. BISUL will work closely with parents and other DP coordinators to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. If you are transferring from another IB World School you must provide evidence for your commitment and academic success in the DP. In the case of students transferring on completing the first year in the IB DP, a minimum academic achievements are:

  • 24 points1 in all DP subjects
  • Grade 4 in all subjects to be studied at the Higher Level
  • Submitted a full draft of their extended essay
  • A satisfactory CAS portfolio
  • Evidence of engagement in a TOK course during DP 12.

2. Motivation Letter

Upon admission, you will be asked to submit a motivation letter explaining the reasons why you would be a perfect candidate for BISUL`s IB DP and outlining how the Diploma Programme is going to be beneficial to you.

3. Interview

You will be interviewed to determine your level of commitment and ability to take personal responsibility for your learning, as well as your level of oral English fluency. The primary purpose of the interview is to consider your potential to succeed not only in the individual subjects, but also in the core components of CAS, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

4. Academic Honesty Contract

You will be asked to sign an academic honesty contract indicating your awareness of the rigorous nature of the programme and confirming your commitment to BISUL`s policy of academic honesty.

The criteria outlined above do not, on their own, determine your eligibility. Individual circumstances and student interest are also taken into account. BISUL`s Inclusion (SEN) and Language Policies outline our philosophy on making the Diploma Programme as accessible as possible. If you fail to meet the above academic requirements in one or more subjects it may be required to take subject tests administered on campus. You will be required to pass these examinations before admission can be confirmed. In all admissions cases, the head of school makes the final decision.