The Management Board & Chairwoman  

The Management Board is represented by the Chairwoman. 

The role of the Chairwoman is primarily to: 

• Manage the affairs of the Company that conducts the School  

• Secure the organisation framework for the school (services, safety, budget) 

• Supervise the work of the employees reporting directly to the Board, including the Head of the School 

• Prepare the annual budget of the Company, supervising its implementation and adherence as indicated in the relevant items of the Company’s budget funds to the organizational units of BISUL sp. z o.o. 

• Create and implement Company’s action plans and strategies. 

The Head of School 

The Head of the School is responsible for:  

• Management of the School 

• Creation and implementation the development strategies of School after gaining an approval from the Chairwoman of The Board 

• Development and implementation of the curriculum framework 

• Development of the annual work plan: didactic, educational and care-providing, as well as professional development of teachers 

• Development of hiring plan of pedagogical staff; presenting applications for employment or dismissal of employees to the Management Board 

• Determining the scope of cooperation with educational institutions performing pedagogical tasks 

• Exercising pedagogical supervision over the School. 

Aleksandra Suszczewicz
Chairwoman of the Board
Christopher Uden
Head of the School
Agnieszka Large
Phase Leader
Foundation & Year One
Katarzyna Witczak
Phase Leader
Aleksandra Zamirska
Phase Leader
Lower Secondary
Isaac Roque
Phase Leader
Higher Secondary