Foundation Supply List

List of products that are to be provided by the Foundation parents on the first day of school.

All items need to be labeled, including all shoes and outdoor shoes.

Unlabelled items will be sent back home for labeling.

If the items that you have provided are to be replenished, we will inform you via Correspondence Book.

1Water bottle, that can be washed at high temperature
1Lunch box
1Backpack with a zip
1Sport shoes
1PE shorts
1PE T-shirt with BISUL logo
1Hand towel washed weekly by a parent
3Hand sanitizer
3Packets of disinfecting wipes
3Packet of baby wipes
3Change of clothes (T-shirt, socks, underwear)
1Indoor shoes
1Sunscreen (Best before July 2021)
1Winter hat
1Winter gloves
1Winter shoes
1Rain shoes
2Pairs of winter socks
1Warm sweater
1Toy/toy pillow for a nap time
2Zip bags (medium/big size)
1Hairbrush or comb
1A4 Ring Binder
1Pencil case with a thick pencil, scissors, crayons, markers, glue, rubber
1School uniform to be worn every day (Order can be placed in an office)

Year 1 Supply List

2A4 Squared exercise book
4A4 One lined exercise book
3A5 three lined exercise book
1A4 Thick binder for worksheets
1Pencil case
1Pencil sharpener with a cap
3Glue stick
1Ruler 30 cm
1Coloured pencils
1Wax coloured pencils
1Marker pens
1Indoor shoes
1Sport shoes for PE
1White T-Shirt for PE
1Dark short for PE

Year 2/3/4/5/6 Supply List

ItemYear 2Year 3Year 4/5/6
A4 Squared exercise book233
A4 One lined exercise book466
A5 Three lined exercise book33
A4 Thick ring binder for worksheets111
Pencil Case111
Pencil sharpener with a cap111
Glue stick333
Ruler 30cm111
Set square11
Coloured pencils111
Wax coloured pencils111
Marker pens111
Indoor shoes111
Sport shoes for PE111
White T-shirt for PE111
Dark shorts for PE111
Highlighter 111