Secondary Teachers

We are very proud that we have recruited the best of the best for our secondary section. Highly educated, with multiple degrees and often PHDs, our secondary teachers provide an inspiring environment for our secondary pupils.

For the safety of our pupils, all our employees have to provide satisfactory references, qualification documents, as well as undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.


I have been with the school since 2015. Having initially joined the secondary section as an English teacher, I was subsequently appointed Co-Head of secondary in 2017, and currently teach KS 4 and 5. While completing my M.A. in English from the University of Warsaw, I specialised in 19th century British literature. Having originally set out to be a doctor, I left a career in medicine to pursue my passion for literature whose practical applications and therapeutic abilities are not to be underestimated. 


History & TOK

I completed my Master’s in Education with a major in History at the University of Łódź. After graduation, I joined a private school in Łódź with a bilingual English-Polish curriculum. After several years, I’ve started to teach the IB curriculum both in history and theory of knowledge. Simultaneously I also taught bilingual classes in history and citizenship.

I have now been teaching History to Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 at the British International School of the University of Łódź for 2 years. I am also going to teach the theory of knowledge.


I have a Ph.D. in geography and I am a qualified teacher in the Polish and IB programmes. As a researcher, I investigated the role of geography in different systems of education. For many years I worked as a teacher educator and the Head of Geography Education Department at the University of Lodz. 

I am also an author of a series of geography course books for primary and secondary schools. Privately, I like travelling, especially by train and visit places far from the crowds of tourists.


I have graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Secondary Education. I have taught English and Mathematics to students in America, Korea, China, and now Poland. I love playing games and finding ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

Mathematics & CAS

I was passionate about Maths and Geography since primary school but have chosen the “queen of the sciences” and have studied mathematics at the University of Lodz.

My teaching career started 10 years ago in London where I received English teaching qualifications (QTS). I believe that everyone can find something enjoyable in Maths. It is my great pleasure to assist and guide pupils on their journey through graphs, equations, and numbers

Biology, Chemistry & Science

Science has been my real passion since my own school days, and this led me to complete a master’s degree in Biotechnology at the Lodz University of Technology.

I have been teaching at BISUL since the very beginning when the school opened for the very first time in 2013. I strive to give the students an exciting learning experience which helps them achieve the best that they can.


I hold an MA degree in Pedagogy and BA in Physical Education. I have been a teacher of physical education for five years, as well as an instructor of many disciplines: football, swimming, volleyball, basketball, animator of sports activities, organizer and manager of winter camps for young people, life guard, First Aid instructor.

I am active, empathetic, and cheerful. I try to have an active, modern approach to my work. 

English & History

I am an English Literature and History graduate. Working with teenagers is my passion. I love filling their heads with new ideas and different facts. I enjoy travelling around the word with my multicultural family as well as friends.

In my free time I enjoy cooking for my friends and helping others. I like to organise and participate in charity events that focus on small children and pet


I have a Ph.D. in German Literature from the University of Lodz, where I have been teaching since 1989. I was also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw and universities in Central Poland. 

I have done internships at the most reputable universities in Germany: in Berlin, Leipzig, Regensburg, Heidelberg, Giessen as well as Austria ( Literatur Gesellschaft Wien). 


I am an American in love with Poland. I have graduated from English, Writing, Photography, and Religious Studies. 

I love travelling with my family. I take great pleasure in photography. I love teaching kids and broadening their horizons.

Polish & French

Irrespective of the fact that I have been teaching for many, many years, teaching Polish classes still gives me a lot of satisfaction. It is a never-ending journey into the world of literature and language studies, during which we discover the sensitivities of the words.


After gaining my Master’s degree in teaching Polish at the University of Lublin, I completed my Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of New Orleans, while working as the assistant at the Intensive English Language Program at my college.


I studied biotechnology at the Technical University of Łódź and began my teaching career at the British International School. 

I love teaching science because it gives me an opportunity to show pupils the beauty and all wonders of the world around us. In my free time I love reading books and going for walks with my dog.


Having completed my university studies in Spain and Poland, in addition to having chosen to develop professionally in a foreign country. They make me aware of how necessary the knowledge of a language is to get closer to the culture of any part of the world, and this is what I try to transmit to my students in Bisul.


I received a Ph.D. diploma in mathematics at UŁ in 2012. Currently working for both BISUL (for 6 years) teaching maths and computer science in higher secondary and for the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Łódź teaching various mathematical and computer-related subjects, coordinating international students’ exchange, involved in a range of actions for promotion, popularisation of mathematics and fight against digital illiteracy.